Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Skirts & Dresses for Summer!

i have been sewing like a maniac these past few months and am finally getting some of the new fabrics posted here... check out the "skirts"page & the "eclectic clothing" pages here for more photos... alot of the fabrics shown are available in a variety of styles... current line up of styles include the short flip skirt @ $60, the Aline skirt @ $60, the Hanky Hem skirt @ $75, the Long Hanky skirt @ $85, the Cap Tee @ $60 and the Wrap Dress @ $95... if you see a fabric you like, please ask if the style you like is available in that print... i just will never make photos of every style in every color available.... good to know eh?  hope you are having a great summer... it is hot but happy here in Asheville!!

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