polartec jackets & pullover color selection Fall 2102
(r2l: brown, rust, red, black, eggplant, apple, 
grey purple velvet, turquoise velvet, black velvet, grey velvet & blue velvet)
you can see the styles a bit better over in "Eclectic Clothing" (see tab above!)

below you will find 9 photos of the current scarf selection here in the studio...
to give you an idea of what fleeces are here in blanket form as well...
more of that to come before too long!
black, black & color, grey scarf selection Fall 2012
blue scarf selection Fall 2012
brown, brown & color scarf selection Fall 2012
green scarf selection Fall 2012
pink & purple scarf selection Fall 2012
red scarf selection Fall 2012
tan & brown scarf selection Fall 2012
yellow & orange scarf selection Fall 2012
aqua & turquoise scarf selection Fall 2012

5 cute gals in new hats $19 each
crown hats $29 each
Welcome to my Fun Fleece World @ CURVE.  I am located in Asheville's River Arts District @ 6 Riverside Drive across the street from 12 Bones Smokehouse.  The studio is open at least 11am to 4pm everyday.  I share studio space with Alena Hennessy and more often than not the studio doors are open earlier and later...  as we are usually working away most days.  

Martha's Vineyard Gal's Hat $19
Simone Wilson in Crown Hat $29
so far if you want to buy fleece without coming to the studio, here is what you do... look at these photos and if there is an item you would like to purchase, call me @ 828.388.3526 between 9am & 6pm east coast time.  If it is still in stock, i will put it in the mail to you... you can pay via visa or mastercard... it will be the price you see here plus tax and shipping...

cute guy's new hats $19 each