Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring 2016 so far

Spring has been blooming like crazy here in the AVL... above is the new S/S Arch Tunic in black grey green chrysanthemum rayon jersey (on an amazing customer... she is perfectly accessorized completely by chance!). Below are some of the new ITY jersey prints for spring... you can get Aline or Flip skirts, Wrap Dresses, Hybrid Scoop or Cap Tees, Arch Tunics (short or long sleeve) in any of these lovelies.  Give a ring if need be! and enjoy the season!  ... pattiy
black magenta red blue diamond dot ity
black white square wave ity
pink orange black trees ity
turq orange black trees ity
black white dot brush stroke ity
brown coral raspberry sprig ity
black turq brown teardrop ity
black pink red teardrop ity
brown red orange gold optic circles ity
black cream dash dot ity ... this one is a little sheer ... better for tops than dresses & skirts i think... peace

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring 2016 Wrap Selection and Studio News

As promised... here is a photo of the current Wrap selections... still $30 each... call me if you need one or two or three of them... new: coral, deep coral, aqua/olive spacedye, beige, med grey black mini stripe, etc!  Studio News is that Cara May Knits has moved over to Riverview Station to pursue more wholesale customers and Timmer Designs has moved into the space that Cara used to inhabit... so Mary is still with me in the shop, just not on the main floor anymore... which means i have been able to spread out! no more bed either... but bunches of new fotopiecing walls!  very excited!  will be posting some clothes in the next few weeks i promise! until then... get outside and enjoy the spring!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016

2016 finds me back to work in the studio… here is a little eye candy for now!  
Black poorboy Cascade Coat : S M $175
Black / Red Tattoo Arch Tunic: S M L $135

(also comes with a solid black backside)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Wrap Selection & Some Pattiy Info

New Wraps in Plum, Medium Grey Heather, Red, Burgundy, Black, Taupe, Slate, Purple Grey, Grey Black Stripe and more... and a quick note from Pattiy:  I am currently on sabbatical from the studio to help caretake my Mom... not sure when i will be back but the studio is open as usual... with Mary Timmer & Cara May in charge... During the November 14 & 15th Studio Stroll, i am lucky to have Rachel & Jenn looking after things for me... so do stop in a say hi to them and i will keep you posted when i return!  Thanks for your understanding and support at this difficult time... but know how grateful i am to be able to spend this time with my family! Family come First!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring 2015 so far

As promised... a few photos of some of the new fabrics and styles... love love love the Arch Tunic! especially over the pencil skirt... in addition, beside the magenta heather there are purple and turquoise heather yet to be sewn... all that match the kaleidoscope fabric really well.... and a fun black w/ white polka dot that i forgot to photograph... am also putting up a set of photos on my Facebook Page of what the racks looked like this am...  call me if you see something that looks interesting!

Spring 2015 •Arch Tunic • camel heather • poly / lycra • $135 S M L
Pencil Skirt • camel heather • poly /lycra • $70 S M L

Spring 2015 • Aline • orange black photo floral • poly / lycra • $60 S M L XL
Spring 2015 • Aline • peacock • poly / lycra • $60 S M L XL
Spring 2015 •Arch Tunic • black leopard crepe • poly / lycra • $135 S M L
Pencil Skirt • black leopard crepe • poly /lycra • $70 S M L
Spring 2015 • Wrap Dress green brass jacquard • poly / acetate / lycra • $95 S M L
Spring 2015 • Wrap Top • magenta heather • poly / lycra • $60 S M L
Flip Skirt • kaleidoscope • poly / lycra • $60 S M L XL
Spring 2015 • Aline • turquoise orange black chrysanthemum • poly / lycra • $60 S M L XL

Friday, March 27, 2015

CURVE 2015 Spring Twilight Party

Welcome the Silver River Center for Chair Caning & Cara May Knits to CURVE studios & garden while eating yummy food and drinking yummy libations & all the while looking at & buying amazing art and smelling the sweetness in the garden.  Call Pattiy if you have any questions @ 828*388*3526... Thanks!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a few Winter 2015 outfits

here are just a few of the new fabrics i have found so far since Oct 2014... more new photos in "tops" "dresses" "skirts" & "coats"!
Winter 2015 • Cascade Coat $175 S M L & Cowl $85 S M L
burgundy pink space dye rayon poly lycra sweater knit
Aline burgundy leaves matte jersey $85 S M L
Winter 2015 • Long Sleeve Wrap Dress orange brown swirl poly lycra ity jersey $110 S M L
Winter 2015 • Cowl aqua heather rayon lycra sweaterknit $85 S M L XL
Aline dark grey heather poly lycra jersey $60 S M L XL